Song Heaven Help Us • Performed by EmeraldRecorded 2005 • Original version Heaven Help Usby Cirith Ungol

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This cover replaced one of the cancelled ones for the One Foot in Fire tribute album. It was later released on the second edition of the album “Hymns to Steel” (2009). Line-up on this song:

  • Jvo Julmy – vocals, guitars
  • Michael Vaucher – guitars
  • Stephan Kaufmann – bass
  • Andreas Bächler – drums
  • Thomas Vaucher – keyboards
  • Alain Stucki – guest guitar solo


(german quote:)

Wir sind relativ spät als Ersatz für eine andere Band eingesprungen, das Ganze musste vorallem schnell über die Bühne gehen. Die grössten Klassiker waren natürlich schon vergeben, aber “Heaven Help Us” finde ich persönlich eh einer der besten Cirith Ungol Tracks überhaupt. Wir haben diesen Track dann vorallem auch ausgewählt, weil er recht gut zu Emerald passt. Wir konnten da gut unseren Stempel drauf drücken und haben ganz Emerald-like viele Twin-Guitarparts eingebaut. 

Michael Vaucher (guitarist), Metalstorm interview, 09 May 2005 

A decent translation done by me:

We replaced another band relatively late, it all had to go fast over the stage. The greatest classics were naturally taken [by other bands], but personally I find “Heaven Help Us” to be one of the best Cirith Ungol tracks ever. We picked this song especially because it fits really good to Emerald. We could mark our signaturesound on it and built in many Emerald-like twin-guitars.

Additional liner notes are to be found in the booklet for the One Foot In Fire tribute album.

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