Song Legions Arise • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Fri 24 Apr 2020

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Long have we slumbered, but now we awake.
We dreamt of your souls, whom now we shall take.
Our legions of chaos have swollen in size.
The long wait is over, to gather our prize.
During our langour, much time has passed
The Kings have returned, to lead you at last.
So rise like the chosen you all have become.
We march forth in battle, together as one.

The stars have aligned, the spheres coincide,
We lead you from darkness, to stand by our side.

Legions arise, Legions arise

You never lost hope, you never have strayed.
Arise now my children, arise from the grave.
We lead not the weak, they wonโ€™t answer the call.
As chaos descends, false metal will fall!

Legions Arise

Check it out here:

Part 1 is Join the Legion (1991). Part 2 is The Call (intro) and Legions Arise (2020).

For “Legions Arise” I wanted lyrics that would be part two of “Join The Legion”, calling the faithful to rise up!

Robert Garven

Legions Arise (2020)

From releasedย Forever Blackย (2020).

Sweet and Steel (demo)

From released Forever Black (2020) CD box set.
Early Legions Arise demo

Legions Arise (demo)

From released Forever Black (2020) box set.

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