Song The Troll • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded 1991

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Hides under a bridge,
Where he can t be seen.
Huddled under a bankpage,
Staring into a stream.
Wanna cross this bridge,
Well better be aware.
There is a brown hairy troll,
Gonna give you a scare.

Yea, I’m the troll,
This is my bridge,
Go turn around,
Back through the ridge.
Yea, I ‘m the troll,
Don t you even dare,
Yea, I’m the troll,
Gonna get you there,

Monster from beneath.
Bastard of grief,
Such a sad sigh,
Does he wanna die?
In a mind of fear,
The troll lives in my mind.
I must forget this fear of regret.

The Troll
The Troll
The Troll

Check it out here:

Music & Lyrics: Joe Malatesta

A picture of the Fremont Troll under the Aurora bridge in Seattle. The Troll possibly also the lyrics to this song, is derived from the Scandinavian folktale Three Billy Goats Gruff (“De tre bukkene bruse”) by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe in 1841/1844, or In the Hall of the Mountain King (“I Dovregubbens hall”) by Norwegian composer and pianist Edvard Grieg in 1867. In Scandinavian there are street on trolls everywhere – Troldhaugen (Edvard Grieg has lived there), Trolltunga (mountain peak), and so on.

The song was written by guitarist Joe Malatesta. Rob describes this and Heaven Help Us as “really not our style”. I would agree on Heaven Help Us, but I have to disagree on The Troll. I’ve even always thought The Troll was one of the best songs here. Joe left before the album was released.

The guitarist Joe Malatesta’s song was “The Troll” and the bass player Bob Warenburg’s song was “Heaven Help Us”. Although these songs really were not our style we really had no choice.

Robert Garven

Jim: A Joe Malatesta’s song. Well, I learned it and provided 2nd rhythm guitar and harmony leads. It’s an unorthodox song structure with quirky riffs/leads and “and who knows what scale”. Eventually, we all got it down tight as a band. I like it when I hear it nowadays.

Rob: This was one of the songs we added to the album to be inclusive of our new stand in guitarist Joe. After the band got back together in 2016, we were practicing at our old digs Goldmine Studios in Ventura, and we heard a band playing “The Troll” in a nearby building. We went over there and met the group, and they told us they had played with Joe back in the day and swore that they were the ones that originally wrote that song. Who knows the real truth is…

from Tales of a “Paradise Lost” – the 30th anniversary

The Troll (Album version)

From release Paradise Lost (1991).

The Troll (Alt Mix)

From re-released Paradise Lost (2017). Alternate mix.

26 / 100
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Paradise Lost

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14 years ago

Agree, but still stronger than than Join the Legion, which is perhaps the closest comparision on this album. JtL has a memorable, but still quite weak chorus IMO. I think The Troll is the most One Foot’ish song from this LP. And it has a pretty intro too.

Kevin Gibbs
Kevin Gibbs
14 years ago

Its cool but I don’t think its as good as the songs on OFIH.

14 years ago

Am I the only one who digs this song, or is it only Rob who has a principle against it?


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