Gig Battle of the Bands @ National Guard Armory • Band(s) Cirith Ungol
DateMon 03 Sep 1979
PresentKGAB FM96
Previous arenaThe 1979 Battle Of The Bands
Address โ“National Guard Armory, 1270 Arundell St., Ventura
Country United States of America (USA) (US)
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Only this articleย has surfaced. Featured acts: Peregrine, Full Sail, Flyte, Hooker Crook, Live Wire, Fast Action, The Rotters, Axe, Ciruth Ungle [!], Secret, Snydly Whiplash, The 3rd Planet.



Full Sail

Winners of the 1979 Ventura county Battle of the Bands. Gigs was Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara. Second band on Tom.

  • Dave Henderson
    • Later in the 80s-1990 on the band Fat Chance (Mike Trist, Dave Henderson, Joe Horswell, Barry Moffett front row Ron Yost, Danny Mathews)
  • Dan Buley – drums (8 Oct 1959 – 24 Nov 1982 R.I.P.), also in Lotus – sibling Dreamzville (Susan Buley Crawford)
  • Jay Vasquez – bass
    • Mike Giddings (R.I.P.) was later.
  • Tom Rudenko (second band)
    • also in Lotus (first band): keyboards, writing and signing, Mike Fulton, James Baron and Dan Buley. Second band was Full Sail.
    • also in The Surge (third band) – lead singer TJ. Gigs was Mr. Luckys and the Ponderosa Inn in Camarillo. Active around 1 year.
    • also in Prowler (fourth band) – Giel Silver, Raywood Hendrick, Bob Griffin and Jerry “Killer” Miller – drums. Gigs was Mr. Luckys, the Ponderosa Inn and Maxies up in Oak View. Active 3+ years.
    • also in Roxbury Drive (fifth band). Gigs was Troubadour, Whiskey, Roxy and Country Club. Broke up around 1986.
    • also in Angel (sixth band).
    • also in Only Child (seventh band), signed to Rhino Records in 1988 til 1990. They made MTV video for this and The Accused movie (1988).
    • also in Harlow (eight band), signed to Warner Brothers. They made video for this.
    • also in Alexa Anastasia (1989)
    • also in Kidd Glove (1984)
  • Mark Knox – vocal
  • Tony Cuccio
    • Played Charlies, Andreas, whales tail, the Oaks
Hooker Crook


Live Wire


Fast Action


The Rotters

n/a, fun show I have heard. Tom: I see Phester Swollen from the Rotters all the time-he has a spot same practice building as us !lol

  • Jerry “Killer” Miller – drums
    • also in band Surge
      • Dan Buley – original drums
      • Dan Buley’s wife
      • Dan Keler
      • Jerry “Killer” Miller replacing Dan Buley – drums
    • also in band Prowler in 1980’s
      • Dan Buley – drums
      • Jerry “Killer” Miller replacing Dan Buley
      • Geil Silver (Ernie Scherb) – before The Streets
      • Raywood Hendrick (also on solo gig @ The Shores, motorbike accident)
      • Tommy Rude
      • Brad Burton
      • Mike Tryst – bass
    • also in the band TJ
      • Tony Trigueiro (also in the band Proposition and Sharks with Brad Stewart and Mark Leon)
      • Jerry “Killer” Miller
      • Brad Burton
      • Mike Tryst on bass
Ciruth Ungle

Misspelled. Rob: “The band that won guitar amp blew up and we loaned them ours. They won and we came in second and used the $500 prize from Goldmine Studio to help record our first album!



Snydly Whiplash
  • Jack Joaquin Peck
    • also in band Vicious Cycle (Mark Higgins, Bob (Jones?)), 1976 at The Mickey Mouse Club
    • Bob Jones (R.I.P.) – guitar (also The Street)
    • Mark Higgins (R.I.P. 2012) – drums
      • also in band Spread (Raywood Hendrick, Mark Higgins) and Vicious Cycle
    • John
  • Bill Schneider – guitar
  • Pat Pagnusat – guitar
  • John Mitchell – drums
The 3rd Planet


What is the short story around the scene, or what is the link to Peregrine, Full Sail, Flyte, Hooker Crook, Live Wire, Fast Action, The Rotters, Axe, Secret, Snydly Whiplash and The 3rd Planet?



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