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Zine DAW Books Slogan An earlier version was previously published as THE SLEEPING SORCERESS Issue No. 245 • Journalist Michael Moorcock (author), Michael Whelan (cover art)">Michael Moorcock (author), Michael Whelan (cover art) • Published Tue 21 Jun 1977
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These are the seven The Books of Elric on DAW Books:

  1. Elric of Melniboné (edited version of The Dreaming City) ★ (Oct 1976)
  2. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate ★★ (Dec 1976)
  3. The Weird of the White Wolf (partial version of The Stealer Of Souls) ★★★ (Mar 1977)
  4. The Vanishing Tower (earlier version of The Sleeping Sorceress) ★★★★ (Jun 1977)
  5. The Bane of the Black Sword ★★★★★ (Oct 1977)
  6. Stormbringer ★★★★★★ (Nov 1977)
  7. Elric at the End of Time (May 1985)

Addition there are:

    The Elric Saga 4. The Vanishing Tower

    • Novel: The Vanishing Tower
    • Number: The Fourth Novel of Elric of Melniboné
    • Previously published: An earlier version was previously published as
    • Author by Michael Moorcock
    • Cover painting by Michael Whelan
    • Map by John Collier and Walter Romanski
    • Frontispiece by James Cawthorn
    • No. 245
    • Pages: 175
    • Tue 21 Jun 1977
    Original price Cat. ID ISBN 10
    ISBN 13
    1a: $1.25 UY1304 0-87997-304-8
    Web: ISFDB
    Comment: Origin price, Ads
    Availability: Amazon
    1b: C$1.25 UY1304 0-87997-304-8
    Publisher: DAW Books / New American Library of Canada
    Web: ISFDB
    2: $1.50 UW1406 0-87997-406-0
    Year: Sep 1978
    Web: ISFDB
    3: $2.50 UE1796 0-87997-796-5
    Publisher: New Amer Library
    Comment: no ads
    Availability: Amazon
    4: $1.75 UE1553 0-87997-553-9
    Year: Jun 1977
    Web: ISFDB
    Comment: no ads
    5: $2.25 UE1693 0-87997-693-4
    Web: ISFDB
    Availability: Amazon
    ?: $2.50 UE1796 0-87997-796-5
    Web: ISFDB
    Availability: Amazon
    Author’s note

    A version of this novel, re-edited without reference to the author, was published under the title of The Sleeping Sorceress by Lancer Books in 1972. The text of this edition follows that of the English edition, published by New English Library in 1970. [nb! NEL is from 1971]

    1. Book One: The Torment of the Last Lord
      1. Pale Prince On A Moonlit Shore
      2. White Face Staring Through Snow
      3. Feathers Filling A Great Sky
      4. Old Castle Standing Alone
      5. Doomed Lord Dreaming
      6. Jeweled Bird Speaking
      7. Black Wizard Laughing
      8. A Great Host Screaming:
    2. Book Two: To Snare The Pale Prince
      1. The Beggar Court
      2. The Stolen Ring
      3. The Cold Ghouls
      4. Punishment of the Burning God
      5. Things Which Are Not Women
      6. The Jesting Demon
    3. Book Three: Three Heroes With A Single Aim
      1. Tanelorn Eternal
      2. Return of A Sorceress
      3. The Barrier Broken
      4. The Vanishing Tower – renamed
      5. Jhary-a-Conel
      6. Pale Lord Shouting In Sunlight
    Back side

    Elric of Melnibone, proud prince of ruins, last
    lord of a dying race, wanders the lands of the Young
    Kingdoms in search of the evil sorcerer Theleb K’aarna.
    His object is revenge. But to achieve this, he must
    first brave such horrors as…

    the Creatures of Chaos,
    the freezing wilderness of World’s Edge,
    the gold-skinned Kelmain hordes,
    King Urish the Seven-fingered,
    the Burning God,
    the Sighing Desert, and
    the terrible stone-age men of Pio.

    Although Elric holds within him a destiny greater
    than he could ever know, and controls the hellsword
    Stormbringer, stealer of souls, his task looks
    hopeless – until he encounters Myshella, Empress of
    the Dawn, the sleeping sorceress….

    THE VANISHING TOWER is the authorized, revised
    and final novel of the fourth book of Elric.

    by Michael Moorcock
    ELRIC OF MELNIBONÉ  UY1259―$1.25

    THE JEWEL IN THE SKULL  UY1276―$1.25

    Other pictures

    Elric confronts the demon in King Urish’s throneroom.

    Special hardcover editions

    Originally done for the frontispiece of a special hardcover edition of THE VANISHING TOWER by Michael Moorcock. Hardcover book is from 1981.

    Demonslayer (incorrectly is Dragonslayer). The full cover can be seen at the official Michael Whelan website and here. Also read the collector editions.

    The first Elric was special hardcover edition Elric of Melniboné (1977). See more info there. The fourth special hardcover edition Vanishing Tower (31 May 1981), was illustrated to Michael Whelan on Archival Press/Donald m Grant Pub Inc. See the Elric Demonslayer, isfdb and amazon.


    See more on record:

    One Foot In Hell

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