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Zine DAW Books Slogan Previously published: Previously published in an edited version entitled THE DREAMING CITY Issue No. 214 • Journalist Michael Moorcock Cover art Michael Whelan Published Tue 19 Oct 1976
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These are the seven The Books of Elric on DAW Books:

  1. Elric of Melniboné (edited version of The Dreaming City) ★ (Oct 1976)
  2. The Sailor on the Seas of Fate ★★ (Dec 1976)
  3. The Weird of the White Wolf (partial version of The Stealer Of Souls) ★★★ (Mar 1977)
  4. The Vanishing Tower (earlier version of The Sleeping Sorceress) ★★★★ (Jun 1977)
  5. The Bane of the Black Sword ★★★★★ (Oct 1977)
  6. Stormbringer ★★★★★★ (Nov 1977)
  7. Elric at the End of Time (May 1985)

Addition there are:

The Elric Saga 1. Elric of Melniboné

  • Novel: Elric of Melniboné
  • Previously published: Previously published in an edited version entitled
  • Author by Michael Moorcock
  • Cover art by Michael Whelan
  • Frontispiece by James Cawthorn
  • No. 214
  • Pages: 160
  • Tue 19 Oct 1976


Original price Cat. ID ISBN 10
1a: $1.25 UY1259 0-87997-259-9
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1b: C$1.25 UY1259 Publisher: DAW Books / New American Library of Canada
3: $1.25 UY1259 0-87997-356-0
Year: unknown
4: $1.50 UW1356 0-87997-356-0
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5: $1.50 UW1356 0-87997-356-0
Publisher: D A W Books Incorporated
Year: unknown
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6: $1.95 UJ1644 0-87997-644-6
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7: $2.25 UE1734 0-87997-734-5
Publisher: New Amer Library
Availability: Amazon
Author’s note

A version of this novel, re-edited without the author permission, was published under the title The Dreaming City by Lancer Books in 1972. The choice of the title was also not the author’s. This text follows that of the British edition published in 1972 by Hutchinson & Co., Ltd.

  1. Book One
    1. A Melancholy King: A Court Strives to Honour Him
    2. An Upstart Prince: He Confronts His Cousin
    3. Riding Through the Morning: A Moment of Tranquility
    4. Prisoners: Their Secrets Are Taken from Them
    5. A Battle: The King Proves His War-Skill
    6. Pursuit: A Deliberate Treachery
  2. Book Two
    1. The Caverns of the Sea-King
    2. A New Emperor and An Emperor Renewed
    3. A Traditional Justice
    4. To Call the Chaos Lord
    5. The Ship Which Sails Over Land and Sea
    6. What The Earth God Desired
    7. King Grome
    8. The City And the Mirror
  3. Book Three
    1. Through The Shade Gate
    2. In The City of Ameeron
    3. The Tunnel Under The Marsh
    4. Two Black Swords
    5. The Pale King’s Mercy
  4. Epilogue
      Back side

      “Michael Moorcock begins to stand in relation to the
      world of science fiction much as Poe stood in relation to
      the Gothic novel…His albino prince Elric’s
      handling of his sword Stormbringer has things in
      common with the author’s handling of SF.
      The weapon comes alive in his grip”
      ―Manchester Guardian

      For ten thousand years Melninoné rules to the world.
      Elric, the 428th Emperor, seemed destinated to
      see that come to an end. An albino, sustained by
      rare drugs, it fail to him to confront the rise of the
      Young Kingdoms, of the monsters and sorceries which
      were threatening to overwhelm him and his ancient crowns.

      The Elric novels have already become classics of heroic
      fantasy and future projection. DAW is proud to
      present them to an eager public in the new editions, corrected
      and revised by Micael Moorcock.

      ELRIC OF MELNIBONÉ is the first.

      FROM DAW
      THE LAND OF LEVIATHAN by Michael Moorcock
      A WORLD CLASS CAMELOT by Arthus H. Landis

      THE STORM LORD by Tanith Lee
      GATE OF IVREL by C.J. Cherryh

      Other pictures


      Special hardcover editions

      The first Elric was special hardcover edition Elric of Melniboné (1977), illustrated by Robert Gould on Blue Star Publishers. See isfdb and amazon. The second special hardcover edition The Sailor on the Seas of Fate (11 Oct or 10 Nov 1977), was unfortunately unfinished. The fourth special hardcover edition Vanishing Tower (31 May 1981). See the Elric Demonslayer, isfdb and amazon.

      See more on record:

      I’m Alive

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