Song One Foot In Hell • Performed by Cirith UngolRecorded Nov 1985

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The cry has arisen across the land
We’re choked by the grip of the iron hand
The sting of the whip the toll of the bell
We ravage the world with one foot in hell

Up from the darkness the cauldrons of hate
The vengeance of old the sealing of fate
The screams of the damned the souls that fell
With one foot in heaven the other in hell

The savior we worship won’t lead us astray
The unholy masses have seen the last day
The howl of the jackal the beast’s evil stare
With one foot in hell do you think that we care?

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From release One Foot In Hell (1986/1999).

Dark closer “One Foot In Hell” flods along with a riff not far from “Motörhead‘s “Orgasmatron“. It’s a heavy dose of metal that again slightly suffers from too little change in the arrangement. But a cool song never the less!

King Fowley, liner notes, Jan 1999

We played in a local battle of the bands every year, we were always the best but the judges always wanted bands people could dance to, so they could have dances with the winner. Needless to say, they never knew what to make of us, we always blew the other bands away with our on stage theatrics and heavy sounds. One year we had some of our equipment stolen and were generally fucked with during one of these “competitions”, the song “One Foot in Hell” was about that night.

Robert Garven, Metal Nightmare interview 2000


“One Foot in Hell” was also different, but Tim revised it to be more “Sword & Sorcery”. It was originally about a Battle of the Bands where we had some equipment stolen, and even though we were the best, we lost as the promoter wanted bands that would be good for local “dances”.

Robert Garven, Sleazegrinder interview 

27 / 100
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One Foot In Hell

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