Record Doomsword • Band DoomSword Format Album • Published Tue 09 Mar 1999



  • Nightcomer – vocals
  • Deathmaster – guitars
  • Dark Omen – bass
  • Guardian Angel – drums
  • Gianluca Ferro (Time Machine) – Some solos


01Sacred Metal
03Helms Deep
04One Eyed God
05Return to Imrryr
06Nadsokor (Cirith Ungol cover)
07Swords of Doom
08On the March


Album feat. Cirith Ungol-cover

Available at Underground Symphony. One Foot In Hell is one albums stamped “masterpieces” which is credited in the thankslist for having inspired them.

I chose a song from that album because I am a great Moorcock appasionate and that was one of the few songs dedicated to the Elric’s Saga. You can notice I placed that song after the other songs regarding Elric on our album “Return to Imrryr”. I give a great importance to that character for my compositions, since DoomSwod is my way to call the sword Stormbringer, ruler of the Moorcock’s multiverse.

Deathmaster (guitarist), Steel Conjuring interview, c.2000


It seems we are very popular in Italy for example, where a really cool band called DOOMSWORD has done a cover of our song “Nadsokor”.

There is a band in Italy called DOOMSWORD who did a cover of a song of ours, “Nadsokor”. I think they are very cool.

Robert Garven, Metal Nightmare interview 2000


The only CU cover I’ve heard of is “Nadsokor” by the Italian band Doomsword. I conpager it a great tribute to have a CU song covered.

Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview. (This was about five years before the tribute album was released, circa 2001).

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