Record Live Kings • Band Cirith Ungol Format bootleg, vinyl • Published 1992


LP song
A01 Atom Smasher (live)
A02 I’m Alive (live)
A03 Black Machine (live)
A04 Master of the Pit (live)
B01 King of the Dead (live)
B02 Death of the Sun (live)
B03 Fingern of Scorn (live)
B04 Cirith Ungol (live)
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  • LP: 1992? (Wasted Records; ?)

This is a live vinyl bootleg. Contains Cirith Ungol Live at Roxy Club 83. The recordings are probably the same that appears on the new and highly available Return of the Dead Kings-bootleg CD. It is supposedly limited to 10 copies. A copy that was sold on eBay 25 nov 2010 for 47,61 Euro, was supposedly bought in Frankfurt, Germany in 1992. It is reported that the tracklist on the back cover is wrong and that the correct one is:

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