Song Doomed Planet • Performed by Dawn of WinterRecorded 2005 • Original version Doomed Planetby Cirith Ungol

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This track was only ever released on this tribute album. Featuring Sacred Steed members. Line-up on this song:

  • Gerrit P. Mutz – vocals
  • Jörg M. Knittel – guitars
  • Joachim “Bolle” Schmalzried – bass
  • Dennis Schediwy – drums

Originally written 2010-07-20 22:00:31: Gerrit Mutz (Dawn of Winter vocalist, long-time Ungolfan and Wholesale Assistant of MBR Europe) has written new liner notes for the band’s cover of Doomed Planet – exclusively for The Cirith Ungol Webpit (Cirith Ungol Online now). In fact, 90% of the liner notes on this website for all the Cirith Ungol covers, were written exclusively for The Cirith Ungol Webpit. So go check them all out!

Gerrit also tells some interesting facts about his work in Metal Blade Records and his collaboration with Robert Garven. You can read it all here:

Well, let me first mention was was origiinally written in the liner notes to that tribute album: „Cirith Ungol have always been one of our main influences. Those of you old enough may remember that we hailed them in our thanks list on our 1993 MCD-release „Celebrate The Agony“. We chose „Doomed Planet“ because a) „Frost And Fire“ was already taken by another band and b) it´s the perfect choice for an old school true doom outfit like we are – just take a look at the apocalyptic lyrics….some years ago Robert Garven even came up with the idea that I could maybe handle the vocals on another Cirith Ungol album…even though I was honoured as fuck, I declined – of course! I could never imagine CU without Tim Baker – could you? Doomed blessings go to all our underground brethren! BOW BEFORE THE MASTERS OF THE PIT!!!“

I first heard „Blood And Iron“ on a late night metal radio show in 1986. I immediately went and bought all 3 CU albums. Since then I was a die hard CU follower. CU were one of the reasons I founded Dawn Of Winter in 1990. Their unique epic style combined with the aggression and pure metal feeling, topped by the most unusual voice ever just infected me forever. On the first promotional picture we ever shot for DOW in 1991 I wore a white CU shirt, with the skeletons praying. Of course I had that one made myself at a copy shop, haha. I also dug their „Paradise Lost“ record which I bought in 1991 as an import, even though it kinda lacked the genius of the earlier recodings in parts. Since 1986 I am a hunter for everthing concerning CU. Luckily, due to the fact that I had started working for Metal Blade Records in late 1999 (I stayed there for 9 years) , I had the chance to get in contact with Robert directly and was involved in the release of the „Servants Of Chaos“ Double CD and the picture LP re-issues of King Of The Dead“ & „One Foot in Hell“ In fact, I was the guy who handnumbered all of them , haha. I am very lucky that I have received some outstandining memorabilia like the original big „One Foot In Hell“ poster, a hand made framed skeleton picture, made in 1986 just for close friends of the band, tons of stickers, etc, etc. To cut it short, I am more than grateful to have had the chance to work with Robert and for CU!! MAY THEY RULE FOREVER!!!!

Gerrit Philipp Mutz (vocals), 16 Jul 2010

Additional liner notes are to be found in the booklet for the One Foot In Fire tribute album. Also see Gerrit P. Mutz in Cirith Ungol Mark History.

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