Record The Dark Parade • Band Cirith Ungol Format album • Published Sat 07 Oct 2023


  • Tim Baker – Vocal
  • Robert Garven – Drums, Horns of Chaos
  • Greg Lindstrom – Guitar
  • Jim Barraza – Guitar
  • Jarvis Leatherby – Bass
  • Recorded at the Captain’s Quarters, Ventura, CA
  • Produced by Cirith Ungol and Armand John Anthony
  • Engineered and mixed by Armand John Anthony
  • Personal Management: Jarvis Leatherby for Iron Grip
  • Cover art by Michael Whelan


17 / 100

Heavy/Power Metal with epic lyrics of the brand new release👴🤘

Oliver Weinsheimer of Keep it True: new Ungol demos are incredibly good 😉(Nov 2022)

Recording new Cirith Ungol album, it will be released later this year on Metal Blade Records, and will not disappoint those who have “Joined the Legion”…. This is truly a “Churning Maelstrom of Metal Chaos Descending” and in my opinion the heaviest metal we have ever forged!!! (Rob, 17 Jan 2023)

Shadow Nation: Are Cirith Ungol preparing anything new after Forever Black?

Rob Garven: We are finishing up the material what will be our sixth studio album. We are not sure of the timetable for its recording or release, but the plan is to make it as heavy as our last studio album, “Forever Black”, which heavy metal fans across the globe received quite favorably!

Psychedelic Baby Magazine: Are you working on something new?

Rob Garven: We are currently working on what will be our doom laden ultra-heavy sixth studio album, to be released in 2023 on Metal Blade Records. The songs were written during the pandemic, and the cover will feature another masterpiece by Michael Whelan.


We just finished up the final touches on our 6th studio album to be released in October 2023, on Metal Blade Records. I think it’s the heaviest and darkest material we’ve ever written, or recorded, and the proper successor to “Forever Black”. Once again it features the incomparable art of Michael Raymond Whelan, and I predict it will be the heaviest album of 2023!! (Rob, 28 Mar 2023)


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